I specialize in treating a variety of conditions, such as chronic lower back and neck pain; headaches; repetitive stress disorders; muscle aches, pain management; stress; feet; fibromyalgia; wryneck torticollis; thoracic outlet syndrome; carpal tunnel syndrome; work injuries and whiplash.

I treat the source of your issues, not just the symptoms. This enables your body to correct the imbalance. When balance is restored, the body corrects the symptoms.

Treatment Techniques: Medical and Treatment Massage; Manual Ligament Therapy; Reflexology; Aroma Therapy; Deep Connective Tissue Massage; Deep Muscle Therapy; Foot or Sole Massage; Kinesiology; Myofascial Trigger Point Release; Neuromuscular Therapy; Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation; Sports Massage; Swedish Massage; and Trigger Point Therapy.